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Literacy & Numeracy

While enrollment numbers continue to go up, there are still at least 250 million of the world's approximately 650 million primary school aged children who are unable to read, write or do basic math. Poorly trained teachers, a lack of learning materials, and curricula misaligned to the local contexts in which students learn are the culprits for this global learning crisis.

Connect To Learn is addressing this crisis by implementing a proven approach to literacy learning in the earliest grades, based on cognitive neuroscience and conducted in the students' local language. This method explicitly teaches students one letter at a time, with letters spaced out and in big font, allowing students to differentiate between different letters and symbols. One new letter is to be introduced per day, with students spending much of class time practicing their reading skills and the teacher moving around the room to provide support and individualized feedback. The goal is for students to be able to identify and decode all the letters of their alphabet by the end of 100 days, with a solid foundation upon which to build fluency and comprehension.

Connect To Learn uses globally vetted metrics for assessing literacy learning, including the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) and Uwezo. Data is collected monthly using mobile phones for real-time analysis of student learning, enabling our teams to make any necessary adjustments swiftly to ensure that students continue to learn at the appropriate pace.