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Scholarships and Connecting Schools

Scholarships + ICT = Quality Education for Everyone

Connect To Learn is a global initiative to provide access to quality secondary education to children – especially girls – worldwide; the first group of students and schools to have benefited from our programs are in Tanzania and Ghana, but in just over two years we have expanded to establish scholarship programs across Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal & Uganda. Our goal is to provide students in need with multi-year scholarships to help them transition from primary school, and implement Information Communications Technology (ICT) in the secondary schools they attend to help ensure a access to teaching and learning resources that support quality education.


Secondary schooling is vital for to everyone for individual economic opportunity, as well as overall development success. Connect To Learn is providing access to secondary education with scholarships to local schools for girls and boys throughout the world.  We’re placing a special emphasis on girls and young women because they face extraordinary challenges to staying in school beyond very basic levels—even though research shows the returns of schooling are greater for girls than boys, creating hugely positive impacts for their families and their national economies. Because of the myriad challenges girls face, such as early marriage, unwanted pregnancy, limited optics into aspirational choices available to them for their future, limited workforce opportunities, health & safety issues, historical cultural patterns and religious norms, Connect To Learn programming is designed with an eye to helping prepare girls for personal empowerment and future workplace opportunity. 

ICT Investments

A 21st century education is possible for girls & boys globally—even in the most remote villages of the world—through the use of ICT.  ICT can play a vital role in providing access to quality classroom resources for both teacher and student, and fostering social awareness and global understanding through school-to-school connections. Connect To Learn’s investments in ICT aim to support the quality of education worldwide and will be centered around those that enable access to the best information and educational resources the world has to offer for students and teachers everywhere, and provide classroom to classroom, student to student, and teacher to teacher connections globally, enabling kids in America and Europe to learn directly from kids in Latin America, Asia, Africa and other parts of the world, and vice-versa.

Among the high-impact programs implemented by Connect To Learn is the School-To-School Connections program. Pioneered by co-founders Millennium Promise and the Earth Institute, School-To-School Connections has been powerful in promoting cross-cultural learning and communication by connecting students, teachers, and classrooms from the Millennium Villages and Millennium Cities in Africa to classrooms in the United States and across the world. Building on these successes in primary schools, Connect To learn aims to expand the program as possible to connect secondary school students and teachers in additional parts of the world.