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Teacher Professional Development

With the rapid rise in school enrollments, countries are struggling to keep pace with teacher recruitment and training. UNESCO estimates that, in order to achieve universal primary enrollment, 27 million additional teachers will need to be recruited by 2030. In addition to the challenge of not enough teachers, many teachers who are working in schools lack the subject area and pedagogical knowledge needed to teach their students effectively.

Connect To Learn is addressing this challenge by partnering with in-country college of education faculty to provide in-service professional development for teachers in both effective pedagogy for teaching the basic skills of literacy and numeracy, and in the integration of ICT tools for more dynamic and learner-centered classroom practice. Connect To Learn also works with these faculties of education to conduct research on how teacher training impacts student learning outcomes, with the ultimate goal of using the learning acquired through this research to inform reforms at the tertiary level where teachers receive their pre-service training in order to have widespread impact.