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Why Connect To Learn?

Tapping the Power of Technology for the World's Good


"We live in an Information Age, and education is the key to prosperity, health, and even survival. A connection to the Internet connects people to a world of knowledge. Connect To learn is a worldwide mission to ensure that this is the time and the place and the generation where all children are empowered for the 21st Century. Connect To Learn is a thrilling example of how advances in technology and development strategies can improve education, gender equality, and overall well-being. Connect To Learn enables schools in remote rural villages as well as urban centers to mobilize the internet to improve education, connect children around the world, and inspire today's youth with opportunities through education.  

"We put a special emphasis on girls' secondary education, knowing that when girls are empowered to stay in school and gain 21st century skills, they not only improve their own life prospects but those of their families, communities, and national economies.  I am deeply gratified that Ericsson, Airtel, and other leaders in mobile telephony and wireless broadband are taking leadership in educating today's young people for the future, and in connecting today's youth around the world via the internet and new information and communications technologies.

Professor Jeffrey Sachs
Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University
Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General

"We believe that ICT can be a transformative force in bringing access to a quality education to all communities, even the poorest and most rural, and cloud computing will be a game changer. The opportunities that mobile broadband technology can provide should be available to all children across the world. This is what we mean by 'Technology for Good."
Hans Vestberg
President & CEO of Ericsson