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Life Skills

  1. Gender-focused resources
  2. Entrepreneurial Resources
  3. College Prep.

Gender-focused resources


'Because I am a Girl' Educator's Toolkit

Great resource for teaching about gender inequality


Online soccer/football game to teach boys about respectful behavior towards girls.

International Labour Organization Gender Equality

A set of great resources and publications about gender equality and labour.

Life Skills Manual

An interactive approach to comprehensive life skill development that goes beyond providing information and builds communication, self-esteem and decision making through games, role plays and discussions.

Make Women Matter

Five short advocacy films about women’s issues and other education materials such as lesson plans.

Overcoming Obstacles

Free life skills curriculum for lower and upper secondary level (middle and high school). Also available as an app for ipad and android tablets.

PBS Precious Children

Activities that promote diversity and cultural awareness for preschool and kindergarten.

Theatre of the Oppressed Activities

Overview of Theatre of the Oppressed approach to understanding and exploring social realities, based on Paolo Freire's principles of conscientization.

WeLearn - UN Women Virtual Skills School

Still in development, WeLearn offers a course in financial literacy, with modules in vocational skills, gender issues, digital literacy and adult literacy coming soon.

Entrepreneurial Resources

Young African Leaders Initiative
Free courses in Leadership, Business & Entrepreneurship, Civic Leadership and Public Management.

 Hewlitt Packard Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (LIFE)
A free online modular training program that covers business, management, communications and IT skills for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship Courses from Stanford University

A list of 68 free courses relating to entrepreneurship.

Code Academy

Learn how to basic skills that are the building blocks to creating your own website or app.

College Prep.


John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Open Courseware

Free publication of JHSPH course materials including topics such as HIV/AIDS, nutrition and environment.

MIT Open Courseware

Free publication of MIT course materials of nearly all the undergraduate and graduate subjects taught at the university. Translated course materials available in Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese and Persian.

Tufts University Open Courseware

Free publication of Tufts University course materials mostly from medical and science schools.


An intuitively organized website with over 30,000 courses, many of them free, on a huge variety of topics.


Free online courses from renowned University faculty in a variety of subjects.


Free online courses by renowned University faculty in Business, Computer Science, Math and Physics.


Free online certifications and diplomas in a variety of subjects, including Business, Computer Science, Health and more.


An Open College website that includes free college level courses and interesting tips and ideas for educators.