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Social Studies / Humanities

  1. Teacher Resources
  2. Activities and Games
  3. News Sites

Teacher Resources

 UNESCO - Teaching & Learning for a Sustainable Future
Multimedia lesson plans, activities and resources covering topics such as culture, gender & sustainable development, globisation, sustainable agriculture and climate change.

National Endowment for the Humanities

Lesson plans in the humanities, including world language lessons and world history, available for various grade levels.


Resources and ideas to incorporate project-based learning into the classroom. Available for Primary and Secondary grades.

Teacher Education for Sub-Saharan Africa

A portal of standard-aligned resources for various Sub-Saharan African countries in all core subject areas.

OER Commons

Large database of create commons licensed open source learning materials in a variety of subjects

PBS Teachers - Social Studies

Classroom and Professional Development Resources for teachers at all grade levels.

WSU Social Studies Links

A wiki space with social studies activities for topics such as geography, history, political science and world religions.

Taking IT Global

Website hosts a global online social network for student civic participation as well as content and tools for educators to facilitate interactive learning experiences.

The Guardian Teacher Network

Resources and Professional Development for teachers.

Discovery Education

Social studies resources for all grades.

BBC Schools - Teachers

Lesson ideas for a variety of topics and grade levels. Mostly US and Europe focused with a few internationally relevant lessons.

ABC Teach

Social studies resources, mostly U.S. focused.

Teachers helping Teachers

Teacher created lesson plans for various grade levels.

Activities and Games



Live map showing birth rates, death rates and CO2 emissions for each country around the world.

Charts Bin

A web-based data visualization tool that allows for interactive visualizations of data that can be shared with others. Provides graphs and charts for topics such as environment, economy, health, and society for countries of the world.


Interactive maps reflecting data from around the world on various social, economic, environmental and other issues. 

National Geographic: Map Maker

Free downloadable and customizable maps.

National Geographic - Migration Map

A map showing human migration patterns throughout history

SOS Children's Villages - Teaching Resources

Includes an evolving collection of videos of daily life in Africa as seen through the eyes of young people across the African continent

History of the World in 100 Objects

Uses pictures of historical objects from museums around the world to tell the story of human history.

The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

A timeline of art pieces from around the world compiled by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Mapping History

Maps showing political histories of each continent.


A collection of fascinating podcasts that capture students' curiosity on various subjects ranging from philosophy, to science, to the arts.

Poverty Action Lab

One of the best sites on various strategies and policies to combat poverty around the world.

Social Studies Games

Games for young students including topics like Geography, World History and US History

Government Agency Pages for Kids

Webpages for kids to learn about Unites States government agencies. For an international focus, check out the Peace Corps Kids World page.


The most comprehensive website for teaching economics to primary and secondary level students.

P&P World Map

Create a customized world map with colors and labels.

Food Consumption Slideshow

A presentation of images of families around the world and the food they consume each week.

World Vision Australia Country Profiles   

Description of the geography, history, people, economy and education of countries around the world.

News Sites


Al Jazeera

All Africa

Content in English and French

Asia Times


CNN Edition (International)

Foreign Policy

Global Post

Japan Times

The National

International news from the United Arab Emirates

New York Times

Room for Debate

A New York Times page of opinion articles from experts on a wide range of controversial and relevant topics. Great for organizing student debates.

World Politics Review