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Reflections on Year as a CTL Graduate Fellow

Posted Tue Mar 08, 2016 by Anna Marco

My name is Anna Marco, I am a girl of 18 years old. I am a first child for both my mother and father, but a second child to my father. We have seven children in my family, which has 4 girls and 3 boys. My mother is from Suku ma tribe and my father is from Nyakyusa tribe. So I am a Tanzanian person.

I finished Standard Seven in 2010 at Ulimakafu Primary School. We had twelve students with 6 girls and 6 boys. All students passed to go to secondary school. Many thanks for God because after I passed Standard Seven I got a scholarship from Connect To Learn at the Mbola Millennium Village Project.

I joined at Lolangulu Secondary School in 2011 and I was one among the students who got scholarship from CTL and MVP. I studied hard because my dream was to be a doctor, but according to the problem of having no science teacher in my school my dream was changed to become a teacher.

We have 16 students which are supported by MVP under program which is called Connect To Learn (CTL). We have 13 girls and 3 boys.

After form two national examination many students failed the examination. We had 81 students, 70 failed and only 11 passed the examination. in form three, for 6 months I studied in a hard environment because boys saw me in a different way and told me women are jealous, but teachers and the MVP team helped and convinced me to study hard. After 6 months boys saw me like their sister and helped me in studies and other discussion. MVP team and teachers told me study hard and make sure your dreams succeed.

In 2014 I graduated form four and my results were average. I am very happy because MVP gave me a job. I work in MVP as a CTL Graduate Fellow for 1 year from 1/02/2015 to 31/12/2015. I love my job.

My responsibilities as a CTL graduate fellow were to make sure that all CTL students were doing well at school. if there were any problems for students I solved it if possible but if impossible, I told education team and helped students. Also I helped to convince students to study hard and to make sure their dreams would succeed. I also took their results and attendance. If there was a challenge I help the student. I also helped to convince students especially to use family planning to avoid pregnancy because it is a problem in society.

I am very happy to work with MVP team because I get many successes. First of all I have experience of work so I enjoy many activities. Also I learned more about MVP especially CTL program, for example, the meaning of CTL, the aim of starting CTL program and also importance of educating girls. Also I know how to write reports, save them and send. This was the first time I use computer in office work. My work in MVP is a now a part of my CV.

To become successful one must be experience challenges. There are some challenges I faced in the work. First, many parents have low level of education in our community. They did not know the advantages of educating especially for girls. Also there is the problem of pregnancy in society because there are some number of students who dropout before they graduate. Also when I first started to work the parents see me as a young child so the parents disobey me. If I say anything parents don’t want to listen and don’t say anything. If I ask the question or I need their opinion their say nothing. Over time though this changed, and parents began respecting my role and cooperating to help keep their girls attending school regularly.

I repeat to say thanks to god for seeing me. After finishing my work CTL is giving me a grant for going to college. In this time I will join the college called Musoma Utalii and I study the ICT course for 1 year. I hope I can do well and succeed in my dreams. I want to study up to a Masters degree.

Many thanks to the people who have helped me and given me support for my studies. God bless them and their families. I have nothing to give but god brings them good health. Also god bless all MVP team such as Gerson Nyadzi, Nemes Temba, Juliet Mgasa, Ayoub  Kiim and all the MVP and CTL team. MANY THANKS



Connect To Learn's Graduate Fellows program pilot was designed to help recent scholarship student graduates gain professional skills while earning income to save for enrollment in higher education. The program also contributes toward CTL's capacity to monitor and support progress of current scholarship students, and help facilitate girls' life and vocational skills programs. Graduate Fellows receive training in data collection, group facilitation, leadership and communications skills, earn a stipend for their work, and receive a completion grant upon completion of their year of service to support their enrollment in higher education.






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