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CTL Scholars share on their learning experience & goals for International Women's Day 2017

Posted Wed Mar 08, 2017 by Harriet Mukashema, Vicencie Manishimwe & Marguerite Dusabimana


Harriet Mukashema

My Name is Harriet Mukashema, I'm 19 yeas old. I have been supported by Connect To Learn during these past 6 years on scholarship. I have learned many things within my CTL sponsorship like socializing with others, good mentorship about reproductive health, and it was gratefully that I have had the opportunity to attend the technical and vocational training in hairdressing during these past three months. My colleagues and I are going to create our own jobs for supporting our lives and we have greater plans of making an incubation center for training other youth. Thank you to CTL staff and donors for these opportunities.


Vicencie Manishimwe

My names Vicencie Manishimwe. I’m 20 years old, I study at G.S Kamabuye in Senior 6 with a languages focus (English, Kiswahili and Kinyarwanda). I live with my Mother and three brothers. Before Connect to Learn started its support to me I had not a good life. Because I didn't go to school on time, I didn't find school materials and other materials to help me in my life. When Connect to Learn started to support me, I had a good life till now. Because the scholarship helps me in more things such as: it gives me school fees, school materials, clothes, shoes, pads and others. Thank you to Connect to Learn facilitators who accompanied us during the vocational training in hairdressing. This will help me and my family to have a good life in future due to income generated through this technical career.

I thank Connect to Learn for the sponsorship. It will be better if the program will keep up supporting our school girls with mind for helping them again and I wish you a Good Women’s Day for all women donors and Connect To Learn.


Marguerite Dusabimana

I’m called Marguerite Dusabimana. I study In G S Kamabuye, my combination is English Kiswahili and Kinyarwanda. I’m 20 years old now. I fell so happy when Connect To Learn chose me and other girls for the scholarship. It helps my life to be good where firstly it gives more tools, books, pens and other materials used in our school and then paid me the school feeding from senior one up to senior six. Connect To Learn sponsored my training in hairdressing, which adds to my advanced diploma that I prepare to get very soon.

Sincerely I will help to finance my family and raise my confidence for future life. If CTL did not pay school feeding I would not go to school ever because I was trying to survive in the condition I was in. After graduation, I will start the business of hairdressing with my CTL colleagues in such kind of cooperative. Thank you Connect to Learn, I wish you blessing from God and good women’s day for everyone who support the power of females and who upkeep He for She!


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