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CTL Scholar Halimatu shares her experiences from first term at University for Development Studies

Posted Thu Apr 06, 2017 by Halimatu S


Note: Halimatu was originally enrolled as a CTL scholar at Sandema Senior High School in SADA, Ghana in 2013, and was supported on scholarship for her 3 years of senior secondary school. Upon graduation, Halimatu gained admission to the University for Development Studies, the most prestigious higher education institution in northern Ghana, but could not afford to attend without support. She made the request to the Millennium Village Project team in SADA to apply for support from CTL. Halimatu is one of the first students CTL has supported in continuing her education at the tertiary level.

My Academic Activities on University for Development Studies (UDS), WA Campus

by Halimatu Shadia

The Wa campus of the University for Development Studies is the largest among all its other University campuses in Ghana and one of the most interesting places to be, for every student aspiring to study there. A very busy campus coupled with lots of academic activities. Every day is a different experience for students of the University. The weather has been very hot and dry since the beginning of February but all the same, I have always enjoyed the beauty and cozy nature of campus especially during the periods of rainy and harmattan seasons.  

Life on Wa campus is like a new experience and adventure altogether, especially considering the lifestyle of students in terms of the cultural diversity, the environment, friends, busy schedules and the whole lot of academic activities, which brings so much inspiration to my everyday life in school. At the library

Here on Wa campus, most of the student population lives in a nearby community called Bamahu, which is about 1.5km to campus and my lecture hall. I am in a class of about 700 students. That is quite an amazing number to imagine I guess.  Even though this doesn’t provide the best of comfort with regards to the numbers and class size, it is quite an interesting experience having to imagine the noise and disturbances that cease the moment a lecture begins.

With the Department of Banking and Finance under the Faculty of School of Business and Law (SBL) studies, I am pursuing a BSc in Accounting with Finance. I have a very busy schedule as my lecture runs throughout the whole week and sometimes during weekends.

Apart from all the stresses coupled with learning or attending lectures with such a great number of students, it is interesting when suggestions, opinions, and questions are being raised and how students share ideas.

Since going to the university is a first time experience for me, I have decided to make the school library a regular place of studies. This is because my place of residence is not convenient for learning due to lack of privacy. Well, it does not seem that easy because the library is located on the old campus which is about 2-3km far from my place of residence. Also, lecturers are entitled to lecture only 75% of the course outline and the remaining 25% is then mandatory for the student to make a research on them.

At the libraryFor me, having been able to acquire my own computer to facilitate research activities is a big challenge for ensuring effective learning.

I live in a private hostel not far from the school. This is because the school hostel facilities are not enough to accommodate all the student body. The cost of accommodation near campus is high and therefore I’m currently sharing a room with two other students, even though there are less privacy and conducive atmosphere for studying.

I also happen to be part of a group of 10 students where we meet regularly to study. This has been very helpful to me, having the opportunity to compare lecture notes, share ideas, research for information and discuss topics that we didn’t quite understand better in class.

Academic performance can only be measured through examination results but it is rather unfortunate that all the first trimester results are not yet ready. This is because the school is trying to adapt a new way of disseminating results to students through the student portal, which is still having a lot of challenges.

I am aware, per the school curriculum of the Third Trimester Field Practical Programme (TTFPP), which is basically an intensive community-based field practical training, given year group students to identify a specific region, and in smaller groups live and interact with the people in the local communities during each third trimester for a period of three years. I can’t wait to be part of such a new experience.

The University for Development Studies is a wonderful place to unearth once dreams. Thanks to CTL for inspiring me to realise my dreams.

UDS Lecture Hall



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