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First Term Report Cards Show High Marks for CTL Scholarship Recipients

Posted Wed Sep 19, 2012 by Aya Takemoto and Mariel Tavakoli


In January 2012 Connect To Learn launched 5 new scholarship programs across sub-Saharan Africa.  183 scholarships were awarded to girls in the Millennium Villages of Dertu, Kenya; Sauri, Kenya; Mayange, Rwanda; Mbola, Tanzania; and Ruhiira, Uganda.

Students Listening First term report cards for CTL scholarship recipients show a strong commitment among our students to achieve high marks and demonstrate outstanding academic performance, with a large number of students scoring among the tops of their classes.  With secondary school fees and other schooling costs covered by their multi-year Connect To Learn scholarships, these students have a far greater chance of completing their secondary education with flying colors.

According to interviews with their teachers, the students are excelling in part because they can now focus on their studies without worrying about school fees.  Furthermore, increased confidence has influenced Connect To Learn scholars to join clubs, participate in class, and develop dreams that include experiences beyond their villages.  One student wrote to Connect To Learn stating, “You are aiding me [in] fulfilling my dreams, otherwise I could have been milking cows. I am therefore grateful to you.”

Class PhotoTo fulfill the requirement of the scholarship program and our termly reporting processes, students wrote personal letters to Connect To Learn in which they expressed their desires to learn and improve in math, sciences, and language studies. All of these subjects are of ever-increasing importance in the global job market and higher education.  They also detailed their aspirations to become doctors, members of Parliament, teachers, surgeons, and even to attend Columbia University. Many of our extraordinary students outlined plans to use their future successes to help their countries and communities.  One student wrote, “My ambition is to become one of the members of Parliament in Kenya to help the poor people and my community in large.”  Connect To Learn is honored to give such ambitious young women the opportunity to achieve these dreams. 

Student WritingAs we continue to receive reports from the field we are reminded of the impact that education has on a person's life and its significance to these girls from rural communities in Africa who may not have been able to attend secondary school without these scholarships. We remember that these funds not only provide school uniforms that make them and their families proud and school fees, but also create dreams and encourage hope for a future life free from extreme poverty.