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Four Chilean Schools to Benefit from Connect To Learn

Posted Thu Sep 20, 2012 by Connect To Learn

In partnership with mobile phone service operator Entel and the Chilean government, Connect To Learn will bring internet access to schools in a rural community of the Bibio region as part of the Todo Chile Communicado project

Connect To Learn is proud to be involved in the ambitious project Todo Chile Communicado, All Chile Communicating, the government of Chile is rolling out broadband coverage to 1,474 designated rural communities, to an estimated three million people. This will combine with Chile’s existing networks to enable more than 90 percent of the population to access the Internet.

Backed by its longstanding Fondo de Desarrollo las Telecommunicaciones (Telecommunications Development Fund), the government of Chile has made funds available for this purpose and rollout began in 2010. In a public-private partnership, the government is working with operator Entel and Ericsson, to provide the network and coverage across the country’s vast spaces and rugged terrain.

The immediate aim of the project is to improve quality of life for Chile’s rural population. Broadband will open up possibilities for enhanced service provision in essential areas. For example, as part of the initiative, Entel has established educational programs that provide rural schools more than 1,000 km from the capital with equipment and connections, offering pupils improved possibilities and prospects.

Preparations with Entel to introduce Connect To Learn to four schools in the community of Ninhue in the Biobío region began in 2011. It is possible to offer Connect To Learn in this rural part of Chile due to the government of Chile’s project, Todo Chile Communicado.

Connect To Learn’s activities are focused on the Arturo Prat school in the town of Ninhue. This is the main second level school in the area. In collaboration with Entel a Wifi network has been established in the school connected to the Mobile Broadband telecommunications network. 40 netbooks have been supplied which are connected to Connect To Learn’s cloud solution for schools designed and provided by Ericsson. Three rural primary schools in the surrounding area have also been supported through the provision of Wifi networks and netbooks that are also connected to the Mobile Broadband network.

An Ericsson team worked onsite in the schools during May 2012 on behalf of Connect To Learn to launch the ICT solution and support the teachers with basic ICT training.