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Jamie Lee Curtis Makes an Audacious Proposal for Connect To Learn

Posted Wed Dec 18, 2013 by Connect To Learn

Jamie Lee Curtis— actor, author, and committed activist for children—has teamed up with Connect To Learn to advocate for the education of girls and all young people globally. In a new animated video, she lends her powerful voice to share Connect To Learn’s mission.

Connect To Learn has produced and released this fundraising and awareness-building animated video for its’ end-of-year campaign, raising funds for multiple new girls’ scholarships in the new year. Connect To learn Director, Kara Nichols, recruited the pro-bono support of actor/author/advocate Jamie Lee Curtis to record the narration, music producer CJ Vanston to produce original music for the video, and west coast design firm, XPLANE, for illustration and scripting support. The video can be viewed and shared at

Education is an essential human right and a key to ending poverty. Evidence is piling up that investing in education and quality learning, especially for girls, can have dramatic effects in every nation. Yet around the world, there are 69 million adolescents who are not enrolled in school. More than half of them are girls, and of the 774 million illiterate adults in the world, nearly 64% of them are women.

Connect To learn urges supporters to use this video as a tool for raising our voices and our commitment to ensuring that all children across the world have access to a quality education.